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Lanai: Getting Away From It All with @Ottsword, Sherry Ott

21 Dec

Lanai Open Road by Sherry Ott of @ottsworldSherry Ott has gone into delicious detail regarding her recent tip to the island of Lānaʻi!

Please enjoy reading Sherry’s articles over on her blog:

An Island to Get Away from It All – Lanai

Panoramic Lanai

Weather Patterns and Itinerary Radar

A Tale of Two Seasons

The Purrfect Sanctuary in Lanai

Trees of Lanai

How to Visit Lanai on a Budget

Ahi A Hawaiian Legacy

Finding Peace in the Pines

Leaping into the History of Lanai

Turtle Soup

Sherry’s VisitLanai Flickr set is rich!

UPDATE January 1, 2013: Sherry’s business partner accompanied her on this trip and has had several videos featured on Tripfilms.com. Here is a complete list of them for you!


Lodging on Lānaʻi

All of our guest bloggers are generously hosted by these three unique and outstanding Lanai hotel properties. If you can’t decide where to stay, plan on doing like our bloggers and stay at all three!


Two Guys and An Almost Private Island: VisitLanai

16 Aug

Our most recent visiting New Media Artist-in-Residence, Andy Hayes of @sharingtravel, just completed a week on Lānaʻi with his partner @Schnick. They have the art of conversation well honed, and we hope you will enjoy these snippets from their trip. The long form blog entries are coming later.

  1. SharingTravel
    ROTFLMAO! RT @MokuleleAir @HilaryOutThere @Schnik @SharingTravel Nope, we still do not allow passengers to operate aircrafts. 🙂 #VisitLanai
  2. visitlanai
    To @erikblair @JillzBeanz @lifeinparadise Mahalo for welcoming @SharingTravel to #VisitLanai ! We think he’s going to have a great week!
  3. MauiBlen
    RT @visitlanai: “@Hackerinjapan @lifeinparadise @theR2H @VisitLahaina @visitlanai Thanks! recommend they rent Jeep for Hana. Wish I could join!” Anytime!
  4. LaurieCicotello
    RT @FSLanai: Need not say more 🙂 RT @SharingTravel: Dear @fslanai, we love you. #ThatIsAll #VisitLanai
  5. baseballmh
    RT @holeinthedonut: RT @sharingtravel: My favourite dish in Lanai so far? Loco moco from @FSLanai – SO YUMMY!! http://yfrog.com/gzutrxrj #VisitLanai
  6. LuxuryPRGal
    Def both! RT @andrewghayes @LuxuryPRGal Dreamy. I can’t decide between the Lodge or Manele bay – I suggest you try both @fslanai #VisitLanai
  7. 1step2theleft
    >Romantic…< RT @SharingTravel: Dinner under the stars. #visitlanai @ Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay http://instagr.am/p/OTIjLFzcM8/
  8. moving2hawaii
    RT @FSLanai: It’s perfect! RT @andrewghayes: @bevmagee 😉 it’s been amazing. love the @FSLanai so much i’ve made a new hashtag: #FSHeaven #VisitLanai
  9. FSLanai
    Wow,CONGRATS! RT @sharingtravel RT @Schnik just shot my FIRST BIRDIE!!! If you heard squealing, that was me on the 6th @FSLanai! #VisitLanai
  10. 420Kauai
    RT @FSLanai: Happy #TT! RT @luxuryprgal: Follow @andrewghayes of @SharingTravel for spectacular #travel tips! tweeting live from @FSLanai. #VisitLanai
  11. denschaal
    lol @andrewghayes My “travel writer resort casual” is working; 2nd person asked if I was buying a villa here on Lanai. #VisitLanai
  12. MJManzanares
    RT @Schnik: Whoa. 700 pictures of #VisitLanai – And it’s a small island. So full of character I didn’t want to leave ANY memories behind!
  13. visitlanai
    @SharingTravel Aloha hugs to you & @schnick for sharing your amazing experiences! @FSLanai #VisitLanai #fsheaven A hui hou! -rd
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