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Getting Married on Lana’i

19 Oct

It’s no secret that the Hawaiian Islands are a popular destination for weddings. From San Francisco to Sydney and Toronto to Tokyo, thousands of couples a year make plans to swap their vows in paradise.
beach weddingMost weddings take place on the major Hawaiian Islands including Oahu and Maui, however, the island of Lana’i remains an exclusive getaway where you can escape the crowds. Here, on this small island of 3,300 residents, you truly feel as if the entire island is your private, romantic retreat. The sense of calm and complete silence experienced each night at sunset, and the way in which the surf erases footprints from the shoreline, all create an atmosphere that was designed specifically for you.

Of all the places to get married on Lana’i, the most popular spot is Hulopo’e Bay. This crescent of sand on the southwestern coast has been named the best beach in America, and there are numerous areas surrounding the beach which you can choose for the location of your ceremony. For those who don’t mind a short walk, the cliff top perch gazing out towards Pu’u Pehe is just a five-minute stroll from Hulopo’e. Fittingly known as “Sweeheart Rock,” this iconic sea stack offers panoramic views stretching back towards Maui and Kaho’olawe. Perfect for those seeking an intimate venue, this is a spot where you can exchange your vows on an altar which has been dramatically sculpted by the sea. For many, it’s the definition of romance and simplicity.Puu Pehe
Or, for a larger venue, the Four Seasons Resort, Manele Bay offers a host of options for swapping your vows in luxury. From the on-site salon for getting ready before the wedding, to the oceanfront cabanas looking out over the bay, this world-class resort raises the bar on tropical elegance and romance. It’s no wonder that Bill Gates was famously married here on the 12th hole of the golf course, because when you have a view that gazes out towards 7,000 miles of ocean, what other backdrop in the entire world could possible compare to Manele?

Beach handsNot a beach person? That’s okay. Lana’i also offers a rural, refined venue which is set in the mountain uplands. At the Four Seasons Resort, The Lodge at Koele, you can stroll across the grasses of an empty pasture and take photos in a private gazebo. You can exchange your vows amongst the mists of the highlands before retreating to your own private whirlpool. Here, beneath a canopy of pine trees which form the island’s storied watershed, there is a sense of history and complete escape to accompany your island wedding. It’s almost as if—despite the popularity of the islands—you’ve found a corner of Hawaii in the uplands of Lana’i that few have yet to discover.


Discover the Secret Private Island Waiting for You #VisitLanai with @ottsworld

16 Nov

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Lānaʻi – Island Wrapped in a Rainbow

26 Oct

Learning Hawaiian Culture with Auntie Irene at the Four Seasons LanaiBarbara Weibel, of Hole in the Donut blog, was our guest blogger in September, 2012. Barbara really “got” the essence of Lanai – the unusual combination of sophistication and genuine Hawaiiana – what we here think of as the more genteel traditions of Hawaiian culture. From learning ʻukulele with the aunties at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele, to golfing on one of the island’s stunning golf courses, to lingering at Hotel Lanai with all home-made items for breakfast, Barbara appreciated the moments that make a place stand out – not with bright lights in this case, but with a quiet force that will lure you back again and again.

Please enjoy reading Barbara’s articles over on her blog:

Lanai, Hawaii – Island Wrapped in a Rainbow

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Video: Talking Story About Hawaiian Culture

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Find the True Spirit of Aloha on Lanai, Hawaii

Barbara also featured numerous Photos of the Day from her trip; be sure to just search her site for “lanai” and you will see them – with an occasional porch story mixed in! Easier still, you can visit Barbara’s Lanai Flickr set to see all of these gorgeous images in large format.

Lodging on Lānaʻi

All of our guest bloggers are generously hosted by these three unique and outstanding Lanai hotel properties. If you can’t decide where to stay, plan on doing like our bloggers and stay at all three!

Andy on Lanai: Here and Now and Back in Time

26 Sep

photo of the charming inn, Hotel Lanai, on the island of Lanai in HawaiiAndy Hayes and his partner Nick Church spent a week on the island of Lānaʻi in August. As first time visitors to Hawaii, they were continuously amazed at the warm hospitality, the scenic beauty, and the diverse and eclectic activities. Nick, an amateur golfer, even managed to get a birdie during his round of golf, and the Twittersphere lit up as a result of his sharing!

Be sure to check their visit to Lanai travel summary here.

Then, visit Andy’s blog and read these great, in-depth articles covering things to do, where to stay, and how to relax, on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi!

In Search of Old Hawaii

Photo Essay: Jeep Tour of Lanai

Where to Stay on Lanai

12 Ways to Relax in Lanai, Hawaii

When an Amateur Golfer Meets a Professional Course

Lodging on Lānaʻi

All of our guest bloggers are generously hosted by these three unique and outstanding Lanai hotel properties. If you can’t decide where to stay, plan on doing like our bloggers and stay at all three!

Next Month: Sherry Ott

Our next new media artist-in-residence to visit the island is Sherry Ott. She’ll be arriving October 29 – November 4, 2012.

Culture, Cats, and Cool Luxury for Barbara @holeinthedonut

23 Sep

Created by the web service, Storify.

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Two Guys and An Almost Private Island: VisitLanai

16 Aug

Our most recent visiting New Media Artist-in-Residence, Andy Hayes of @sharingtravel, just completed a week on Lānaʻi with his partner @Schnick. They have the art of conversation well honed, and we hope you will enjoy these snippets from their trip. The long form blog entries are coming later.

  1. SharingTravel
    ROTFLMAO! RT @MokuleleAir @HilaryOutThere @Schnik @SharingTravel Nope, we still do not allow passengers to operate aircrafts. 🙂 #VisitLanai
  2. visitlanai
    To @erikblair @JillzBeanz @lifeinparadise Mahalo for welcoming @SharingTravel to #VisitLanai ! We think he’s going to have a great week!
  3. MauiBlen
    RT @visitlanai: “@Hackerinjapan @lifeinparadise @theR2H @VisitLahaina @visitlanai Thanks! recommend they rent Jeep for Hana. Wish I could join!” Anytime!
  4. LaurieCicotello
    RT @FSLanai: Need not say more 🙂 RT @SharingTravel: Dear @fslanai, we love you. #ThatIsAll #VisitLanai
  5. baseballmh
    RT @holeinthedonut: RT @sharingtravel: My favourite dish in Lanai so far? Loco moco from @FSLanai – SO YUMMY!! http://yfrog.com/gzutrxrj #VisitLanai
  6. LuxuryPRGal
    Def both! RT @andrewghayes @LuxuryPRGal Dreamy. I can’t decide between the Lodge or Manele bay – I suggest you try both @fslanai #VisitLanai
  7. 1step2theleft
    >Romantic…< RT @SharingTravel: Dinner under the stars. #visitlanai @ Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay http://instagr.am/p/OTIjLFzcM8/
  8. moving2hawaii
    RT @FSLanai: It’s perfect! RT @andrewghayes: @bevmagee 😉 it’s been amazing. love the @FSLanai so much i’ve made a new hashtag: #FSHeaven #VisitLanai
  9. FSLanai
    Wow,CONGRATS! RT @sharingtravel RT @Schnik just shot my FIRST BIRDIE!!! If you heard squealing, that was me on the 6th @FSLanai! #VisitLanai
  10. 420Kauai
    RT @FSLanai: Happy #TT! RT @luxuryprgal: Follow @andrewghayes of @SharingTravel for spectacular #travel tips! tweeting live from @FSLanai. #VisitLanai
  11. denschaal
    lol @andrewghayes My “travel writer resort casual” is working; 2nd person asked if I was buying a villa here on Lanai. #VisitLanai
  12. MJManzanares
    RT @Schnik: Whoa. 700 pictures of #VisitLanai – And it’s a small island. So full of character I didn’t want to leave ANY memories behind!
  13. visitlanai
    @SharingTravel Aloha hugs to you & @schnick for sharing your amazing experiences! @FSLanai #VisitLanai #fsheaven A hui hou! -rd

E Kipa May to Andy Hayes of Sharing Travel Experiences #VisitLanai

7 Aug

photo of andy hayes, founder, sharing travel experiences

Please welcome our next New Media Artist, a title=”Andy Hayes – Sharing Travel Experiences” href=”http://www.sharingtravelexperiences.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Andy Hayes, of Sharing Travel Experiences. Andy and his team are re-defining what luxury travels means to each and everyone of us. Here is how they describe their mission:

Everyone’s definition of a great travel experience will be different. What you value about luxury will differ from someone else’s definition of value luxury. Having said that, we believe that value luxury travel experiences accomplish these three things:

1. Make you feel good about traveling
2. Trigger the immediate sensation of wanting to brag to friends, family, and possibly even strangers
3. Deliver a guilt-free sense of satisfaction about visiting the destination, getting value, or just getting out of the house

That’s why we say we’re like your friend who’s already been there. We will never judge you and your choices. Typically, the travel industry standardizes value into boxes – budget, moderate, luxury; three stars, five stars. We don’t buy into the myth that “cheap” is always the same as “good value.”

Please join Andy at any of these online spots:
Web: Sharing Travel Experiences
Facebook: Sharing Travel Experiences on Facebook
Twitter: @SharingTravel
Check in for updates before, during, and after his stay here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Andy is visiting Lānaʻi from August 9 – 15, 2012 and will be staying at the Hotel Lanai and both Four Seasons’ properties while visiting with the entire Lānaʻi community:
www.lanaichc.org – Lanai Culture & Heritage Center
www.hotellanai.com (@AquaHotels)
www.fourseasons.com/manelebay/ (@FSLanai)
www.fourseasons.com/koele/ (@FSLanai)

We invite you to join the conversation with all of the New Media Artists who are visiting:

Read more about this innovative Hawaii tourism New Media Artist-in-Residence Program here.

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