Lānaʻi – Island Wrapped in a Rainbow

26 Oct

Learning Hawaiian Culture with Auntie Irene at the Four Seasons LanaiBarbara Weibel, of Hole in the Donut blog, was our guest blogger in September, 2012. Barbara really “got” the essence of Lanai – the unusual combination of sophistication and genuine Hawaiiana – what we here think of as the more genteel traditions of Hawaiian culture. From learning ʻukulele with the aunties at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele, to golfing on one of the island’s stunning golf courses, to lingering at Hotel Lanai with all home-made items for breakfast, Barbara appreciated the moments that make a place stand out – not with bright lights in this case, but with a quiet force that will lure you back again and again.

Please enjoy reading Barbara’s articles over on her blog:

Lanai, Hawaii – Island Wrapped in a Rainbow

Talking Story in Lanai, Hawaii

Video: Talking Story About Hawaiian Culture

Four Seasons Resorts Lanai, Hawaii – Hawaiian Siblings with Very Different Personalities

The Cat’s Meow on Lanai, Hawaii

One Birdie, Several Bogies… on Lanai, Hawaii

Find the True Spirit of Aloha on Lanai, Hawaii

Barbara also featured numerous Photos of the Day from her trip; be sure to just search her site for “lanai” and you will see them – with an occasional porch story mixed in! Easier still, you can visit Barbara’s Lanai Flickr set to see all of these gorgeous images in large format.

Lodging on Lānaʻi

All of our guest bloggers are generously hosted by these three unique and outstanding Lanai hotel properties. If you can’t decide where to stay, plan on doing like our bloggers and stay at all three!


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