E Kipa Mai to Barbara Weibel @HoleintheDonut #VisitLanai

12 Sep

Barbara Weibel, Hole in the Donut Travel Journal

Please welcome our next New Media Artist, Hole in the Donut Travel Blog. Barbara is an extensively well-traveled writer who gets very close to the people and culture of the destinations she visits:

After years of working 70 hours a week at jobs I detested, I felt like the proverbial “hole in the donut” – solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. Searching for meaning in my life, I abandoned my successful but unsatisfying career and set out on a six-month solo backpacking trip around the world to pursue my true passions of travel, writing, and photography. Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel feature stories about these destinations; the interesting people I meet, the crazy (and often humorous) things that happen to me along the way, and the never-ending spiritual lessons that come from travel.

BARBARA WEIBEL – Hole in the Donut Travel Blog
Visiting Lanai September 12 – 19, from her home base in Florida (though perpetually on the road)

Please join Barbara at any of these online spots:
Web: Hole in the Donut Travel Blog
Facebook: Hole in the Donut with Barbara Weibel on Facebook
Twitter: @holeinthedonut
Check in for updates before, during, and after her stay here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Barbara will be staying at the Hotel Lanai and both Four Seasons’ properties while visiting with the entire Lānaʻi community:
www.lanaichc.org – Lanai Culture & Heritage Center
www.hotellanai.com (@AquaHotels)
www.fourseasons.com/manelebay/ (@FSLanai)
www.fourseasons.com/koele/ (@FSLanai)

We invite you to join the conversation with all of the New Media Artists who are visiting:

Read more about this innovative Hawaii tourism New Media Artist-in-Residence Program here.


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