E Kipa May to Andy Hayes of Sharing Travel Experiences #VisitLanai

7 Aug

photo of andy hayes, founder, sharing travel experiences

Please welcome our next New Media Artist, a title=”Andy Hayes – Sharing Travel Experiences” href=”http://www.sharingtravelexperiences.com/” target=”_blank”>Andy Hayes, of Sharing Travel Experiences. Andy and his team are re-defining what luxury travels means to each and everyone of us. Here is how they describe their mission:

Everyone’s definition of a great travel experience will be different. What you value about luxury will differ from someone else’s definition of value luxury. Having said that, we believe that value luxury travel experiences accomplish these three things:

1. Make you feel good about traveling
2. Trigger the immediate sensation of wanting to brag to friends, family, and possibly even strangers
3. Deliver a guilt-free sense of satisfaction about visiting the destination, getting value, or just getting out of the house

That’s why we say we’re like your friend who’s already been there. We will never judge you and your choices. Typically, the travel industry standardizes value into boxes – budget, moderate, luxury; three stars, five stars. We don’t buy into the myth that “cheap” is always the same as “good value.”

Please join Andy at any of these online spots:
Web: Sharing Travel Experiences
Facebook: Sharing Travel Experiences on Facebook
Twitter: @SharingTravel
Check in for updates before, during, and after his stay here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Andy is visiting Lānaʻi from August 9 – 15, 2012 and will be staying at the Hotel Lanai and both Four Seasons’ properties while visiting with the entire Lānaʻi community:
www.lanaichc.org – Lanai Culture & Heritage Center
www.hotellanai.com (@AquaHotels)
www.fourseasons.com/manelebay/ (@FSLanai)
www.fourseasons.com/koele/ (@FSLanai)

We invite you to join the conversation with all of the New Media Artists who are visiting:

Read more about this innovative Hawaii tourism New Media Artist-in-Residence Program here.


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