Decadent Indulgence, Overcoming Fears, #VisitLanai via @caroundtheworld

17 Jul

Chris Gray Faust on the snuba adventure

Chris Gray Faust was our second New Media Artist-in-Residence. She visited Lanai in February 2011. Her blog entries really convey the unique and special aspects of the island of Lānaʻi – what is often referred to as a private island. It has the tropical beauty you expect of Hawaii, yet it also has a landscape and activities not easily found on the other islands.

Please enjoy Chris’s articles which are filled with photos by the way!

Aloha, Lana’i: Hawaiian Poke = Fish Fabulousness

Aloha, Lanai: Four Seasons at Manele Bay

Aloha, Lanai: Creating a Signature Scent, a la Kim Kardashian

Aloha, Lanai: Snuba Diving in Hawaii

Aloha, Lanai: Garden of the Gods & Shipwreck Beach

Aloha, Lanai: Shooting for the First Time at Lanai Sporting Clays

Aloha, Lanai: Off-roading with a Jeep Rental

Aloha, Lana’i: Four Seasons The Lodge at Koele

Aloha, Lana’i: Lana’i City, Hotel Lana’i & the Lana’i City Grille

Chris Around the World – Travel Blog
@caroundtheworld on Twitter

Photo Credit: Don Faust, Chris’s husband, capturing Chris on the Snuba Adventure

For more adventures on the Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, please search anywhere for the tag “#VisitLanai.” We hope to see you here on our almost private island soon!


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