E Kipa Mai to Melanie & Adam Waldman! @travelswithtwo @refinedadam #VisitLanai

26 May

Melanie and Adam Waldman

Our next New Media Artist to visit Lānaʻi is Melanie Waldman, creator of the Travels with Two blog. Melanie Waldman and her husband is Adam live in Los Angeles and work full-time, traveling as often as they possibly can.  Their blog focuses on couples travel; Melanie recently covered the Royal Wedding! Her direct advice to couples: “BOTH OF YOU: STEP AWAY FROM YOUR WORK…AND GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE.”

Here is how Melanie describes her life:

I do the writing (and most of the photography) here at Travels With Two. Adam owns an entertainment advertising company, which keeps him busy an average of  60 hours a week. We have a house, a garden, a dog and a large circle of friends. Our families are spread out amongst the east and west coasts of the United States, and we visit (and travel with) them as often as we can. In short, it can be complicated for us to get away together. So, we prioritize it in small chunks of the future, like teeth cleanings and tire rotations…only with more joy. Sometimes our trips take us across town and sometimes across the world, but they’re always driven by a desire to reconnect and have new experiences that become part of our story.

Please connect with Melanie and Adam at any of these locations on line, and be sure to follow Travels with Two on Twitter (and follow Adam too!) for updates before, during, and after their stay here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Web: www.travelswithtwo.com
Twitter: Melanie twitter.com/travelswithtwo  Adam: twitter.com/refinedadam
Facebook: www.facebook.com/travelswithtwo
Flickr: www.flickr.com/people/30122252@N02/ 

Melanie and Adam arrive May 26th for 5 days and will be staying at the Hotel Lanai and both Four Seasons’ properties while visiting with the entire Lānaʻi community:

www.lanaichc.org – Lanai Culture & Heritage Center
www.hotellanai.com (@AquaHotels)
www.fourseasons.com/manelebay/ (@FSLanai)
www.fourseasons.com/koele/ (@FSLanai)

We invite you to join the conversation with all of the New Media Artists who are visiting now through May, 2011:

Read more about this innovative Hawaii tourism New Media Artist-in-Residence Program here.


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