A Few Days in Paradise via @landlopers #VisitLanai

3 Apr

Blue Ginger Cafe on Lānaʻi (Landlopers)

Matt Long, who describes himself as “a typical Gen-X professional who has a passion for all things travel,” blogs on his site Landlopers about travels to one of his most favorite places in the world, Lānaʻi. His dreams of visiting the islands came true for a few days. He shared lots of memories of his experiences and photographs. He had been to Lānaʻi previously on his own before joining our social media team. You can see how much he loves this place from all of the articles he continues to post! We can barely keep up with him!

Stunning Beauty of Sand – Travel Photo Series

Village Life Travel Photo Series

Feasting Around the World – Travel Food Photo Series

A Look at the Exotic – Photo Series

Thinking of My Happy Place – Travel Photo Series

Four Reasons to Visit Lanai in 2012

Sustainable Tourism: What is It, and Why Should We Care?

Luxury Within Reach on the Tropical Island of Lanai

Travel Photo Series – The Road Less Traveled

How to Experience the Best of Lanai in a Day

Butterflies and Worries – The Day Before a Big Trip

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Hawaii

Trouble in Paradise – The Great Lanai Windmill Debate

Travel Case Study – What Does Luxury Travel Really Mean?

Shooting My Way Out of Lanai

Travel Photo – Koele Ranch Sunrise, Lana’i

LandLopers Picks of the Week

Travel Spotlight – Koele Ranch Life, Lanai Hawaii

Celebrating Memorial Day – Favorite War Memorials From Around the Country

Three Travel Experiences to Keep You Healthy

A Look at the Real Benefits of Travel

Otherworldly Landscape of the Garden of the Gods in Lanai

Hiking the Koloiki Ridge Trail in Lanai

Organized Drowning – Hawaiian SNUBA Experience

Travel Photo – Palaoa Point Sea Cliffs, Lanai

Ultimate Lanai Restaurants and Dining Guide

Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones – The Quest for the Lanai Petroglyphs

Island of Legends – Sweetheart Rock and the Tale of Pehe’s Hill

Southern Exposure – Taking Things Slow on Lanai

Trends in Voluntourism: The Kokua Project – Saving Animals in Hawaii

Palm Tree, Happy Tree

In Search of the Mouflon

Stepping Back in Time at the Hotel Lanai

Photo credit: Matt Long, at the Blue Ginger, end of a long day.

For more adventures on the Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, please search anywhere for the tag “#VisitLanai.” We hope to see you here on our almost private island soon!

You can also follow us on Twitter @VisitLanai and please stop by our Facebook so we can meet you!


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