Read all about Shannon Lane’s trip to #VisitLanai cc @cajun_mama

28 Feb

Shannon Hurst Lane

Shannon was our inaugural New Media Artist-in-Residence and she burst on the scene with incredible energy and enthusiasm! We hope you will want to read all she has written and watch her videos – they give you her unique “Traveling Mama” perspective on visiting the precious island of Lānaʻi.

Here is a list of her blog entries. Please do leave a comment while you are there (or here!) and let us all know what you think about the people, places, and adventures of Lānaʻi.

From the Traveling Mamas Blog:

Dreaming of Hawaii

Morning at Manele Bay

A Day at the Four Seasons Manele Bay

Getting Around Lanai Hawaii Golf Courses

Hotel Lanai – Affordable Hawaii Lodging

From Shannonʻs Personal Blog:

Images from Lanai during #Visit Lanai

The New Era of the Press Trip

View Her Photos on (89 plus one video)

Photo Credit: Shannon Hurst Lane on Flickr

Postscript: have you noticed that the titles of these blog entries use a different sort of syntax? It’s because we are writing for two audiences. Each blog entry also creates a link on Twitter (automagically!) and the subject of the article becomes the Twitter message. So you will often see Twitter names (@something) and/or a hashtag (#something) included!


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